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    Monitoring and Evaluation

    This group aims to act as knowledge exchange and sharing platform between experts and professionals who are interested on how to set and manage an efficient and effective monitoring and evaluation framework specially for public health.
    led by Hamza abdalla

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    NITAG Inter-country workshop

    This group is for the participants in the NITAG Inter-country workshop that was held in Amman between June 13 and 15, 2019
    led by Dana Shalabi

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    EMR Environmental Health Network

    The aim of the Eastern Mediterranean Region Environmental Health Network (EMR EHN) is to strengthen existing professional ties and create new ones to improve environmental health efforts at the national and regional levels. The network is open for public...  more
    led by Rawan Araj

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    Project Management Cafe

    Project Management Cafe (PMC) is a group where you can ask questions that anyone in the PM community can answer. It is not a group where you can enhance your career or promote your knowledge in a structured way.. It is a virtual come together group where...  more
    led by samar abdelnour

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    Real Friends

    Life is Reflection of your Action
    If do Good, Good will come
    If do bad, Bad will...  more
    led by Ajmal Zahed

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    Training Materials Development Meeting

    This is a group for specialists in Training Materials Development and it focuses on Adult learning, and the different tools to create training material
    led by Dana Shalabi

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    Case Study Design and Development Workshop

    This group is for participants of the Case Study Design and Development workshop currently hosted at GHD/EMPHNET

    In it we will be sharing information and resources
    led by Dana Shalabi

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    MS Project Certification

    MS Project Certification
    led by Haitham Nazzal

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    Public Health Collaborators in EMR

    Stakeholders sharing expertise and ideas together on improving public health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.
    led by Rawan Araj

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    EVM 2.0 Beta testing Amman

    This is the group to give feedback on the EVM 2.0 tool
    led by chandrasegarar soloman